Club activities: daycare for dogs, dogbus, catsitting and shopping


Daycare for dogs "Il Circolo delle Coccole" is not a "parking lot" for your dog, it is a safe place where you never get bored because our four-legged friends need different stimuli and activities.

You can follow him with the webcam or with the photos that we publish daily on Facebook and in our photo and video Gallery.

With our "dogbus" we can take and bring the dog home.

You never spend the night at the club, but if there is need, personalized services can also be arranged. Contact us!

Always at home we can take care of your cat if you have to leave for a few days with the catsitter service.

At the Circolo delle Coccole you can go shopping for your four-legged friends or to give a gift to those who love animals with themed objects.