Daycare for dogs

"Il Circolo delle Coccole" is the place to leave your dog with confidence whenever you need it.

asilo per cani firenze

Take him to the club for an hour or all day and he will find cuddles and friends to play; or we are the ones who take it home and bring it back thanks to our dog-bus.
Any other needs can be tailored for you and your dog together.

With the webcam you can also follow it live online.

The Circle is designed as an open place without cages or chains, but spaces where dogs will stay together to socialize and play, if they want. We have both an internal environment and an outdoor space to guarantee, both in winter and in summer, the ideal and safe environment. Cushions for the nap and games to be nibbled and to keep them in physical activity.

For each dog a welcome and diversified stay will be studied and proposed according to his needs and his character, organizing the day marked by the various activities.

Instead, the registration documentation for the canine registry and the vaccination booklet is necessary (see service conditions).

The day will be punctuated by arrival, individual game moments or in the company of other dogs, walks and visits to the gardens equipped with dog areas. All activities are always carefully followed by our staff. During the day there will also be space for baby food and nap! Meals will always be agreed according to food needs and thanks to consultations with specialists.

With our "dogbus" we can take and bring the dog home.

In addition to all the services offered, our delicious little companions will have the opportunity to socialize and "learn" from their new friends, following them and helping them with discretion in their stages of natural acclimatization.

In addition, there are agreements and appointments with veterinarians, educators, nutritionists and groomers.
Come and visit us to discover all the activities we offer or book an insertion test online for your beloved puppy.
A real kindergarten for dogs and much more!

Open Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 7:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

For needs outside these hours you can book personalized services.