Terms of service

1- Health

In order to guarantee the health and safety of all of our guests, we ask that all of our guests be up-to-date on all vaccinations, be microchipped and be registered as required by law.

Vaccinations protect both our personnel and the domestic animals. Since we will have a large number of animals visiting us, it is important that everyone be protected by these vaccinations and also by anti-parasite treatments.

Any particular pathologies must be indicated. In the event that health problems due to a preexisting condition should arise during or after a stay at the club, we cannot be held responsible for events not subject to our control and independent of our operation.

2 - Safety

In the event of injury at our structure due to our operations, we assume all responsibility and are covered by insurance for eventual damages.

3 - Appointments

We ask maximum collaboration for reservations and appointments; if there is a problem, it must be communicated as soon as possible - at least 2 hours ahead of time - to avoid penalties and a charge of half of the the service cost.