Club rules

  • At the Circolo delle Coccole the dogs “must” be leash-free and without a muzzle, and therefore “must” know how to get along with others. If a dog can’t get along, he will have to be placed in an area by himself.

  • The Club is not a school – here the dogs just learn to be pampered a little and play with others. If you need a consultation to resolve behavioral problems, we offer services in collaboration with Anthrozoos, “Center for permanent man-animal education and formation”.

  • At the Club we are all in excellent health, but if there is a need for a veterinarian visit, thanks to the collaboration with several veterinary clinics, we are guaranteed emergency services or an immediate visit.

  • It is important to come with updated documents and vaccination records and to communicate ahead of time any particular dietary or medical needs and the presence of any current illnesses.

  • The Club is insured for accidents caused by our structure, but to avoid any problems you can get your dog an insurance policy against damages to third parties.